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COSTE makes cubic Plexiglas in which wires, bubbles, screws, iron bars and springs are trapped. Each piece is one of a kind.

Impressive tools and metallic items are balanced with pure transparence… would there be a message here? ‘’Hard to enter the artist’s world to answer this question’’ say people who know COSTE well, as he keeps his secret garden to himself.
He constantly imagines new concepts that he puts in light in the intimacy of his workshop situated in the countryside, near Saint André de la Roche.

You can discover COST’s work of art in the Transparence boutique in Nice (France), near the famous Cours Saleya and meet his wife who has been inspiring him and working hand in hand with him along the years.


Each of COSTE cubic Plexiglas is incredibly eye catching… such as the one with all the question marks, which reflects so well COSTE’s personality.

Imaginary prisons, iron bars springing up from transparence, multicolour pipes coming in and out of a cubic, floating exploded bubbles… the THOUGHT prevails each creation.

COSTE cracks open the Plexiglas as others scream.

Each work of art reveals a little more of the mysterious artist who has chosen to express himself through sculptures out of the ordinary. Does it mean they are testimonies of a constant search… of himself?


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